What the Wishlist?

A service that has always kept us distinguished from any competitor is our Wishlist Service. The Mailers Wishlists are designed for the PREMIER salesperson & / or organization.

Directly Marketing

Clients provide us with a list of their top 1-100 prospects.
Their list will include three things:

The First & Last name of the prospect
(Including a two digit abbreviated prefix of gender)
The Title of the prospect.
The company which employs prospect.

Lists of Wishes

Our clients relax as our team qualifies & schedules 1-on-1 meetings with their designation; in three formats:

1-on-1, Face-to-Face* meetings
Virtual Meeting (Zoom, Skype)
Industry Event (RoundTable Discussion)

*Please be COVID Cautious

ROI: Return On Involvement

You get out, what you put in...

We have been offering this service for almost 20 years.
Feel free to ask us for a reference or two if you're on the fence.

Our Partners

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